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Our only goal is: to make the patient satisfied, to improve the quality of life and movement! And this is possible by constantly investing in knowledge, expertise, quality, professionalism and new equipment such as robotics.



The medical offer and expert medical team of the Arithera Clinic can compete with the best European clinics.
In this modern designed space we offer a wide range of medical specializations as well as rejuvenating and beauty treatments. The individual approach towards every patient and the total commitment to their needs are our main priority and the key for our business success in the last 15 years.

MOTIONrehab Neurological Rehabilitation Specialists

MOTIONrehab, are recognised experts in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation. The multi-disciplinary team has great success in improving the quality of life of adults and children with neurological impairments, difficulties or disabilities due to disease or injury of the brain or spinal cord. MOTIONrehab are renowned for their person-centred approach to therapy, personalising each individual’s therapy to enable everybody to achieve their full potential. 


Modern equipment also allows orthopaedic rehabilitation and rehabilitation in conditions such as degenerative joint diseases.

University Rehabilitation Institute Republic of Slovenia

In the 50 years of its existence, the Institute has become an internationally recognized institution, which with its expertise, experience, research and frequent participation of its experts at important international conferences and workshops, promotes the development of rehabilitation. The Institute can be ranked among the most successful organizations in the field of healthcare. To speak metaphorically, the Institute is an organization going for a trip on a clear sunny day with no bigger obstacles in sight but it decides to take a turn towards the leading institutions in the field of rehabilitation in Europe and around the world.

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice

A modern hospital that provides special rehabilitation of patients with cardiac, neurological, rheumatic, and orthopedic diseases, and rehabilitation of children.

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